Plastic Water Tap Manufacturer

Plastic Water Tap Manufacturer

In Ahmedabad, Gokul Poly Valves PVT. LTD. manufactures Industrial Valves and Fittings. Gokul manufactures Industrial Valves and Fittings using cutting-edge technology such as Extruder Vertical Injection Moulding Machines, Drilling Machines, Lathe Machines, and Testing Machines, as well as assisting customers in the design of special valves. Quality and client happiness are our main principles, and we do not compromise on either. At Gokul, we have a time management team that assists us in ensuring that our final goods reach our clients on time. We also have professional engineers on board who provide the greatest innovation to our customers and assist them with customisation.We are a company that manufactures and sells high-quality plastic water taps. Each product at Gokul is made using the best quality raw materials sourced from reputable foundries.

Industrial Plastic Water Tap

We Are Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporters of Industrial plastic Water tap in Ahmedabad, India. Plastic Tap refers to a tap or faucet that is made primarily or entirely from plastic materials. Taps are commonly used to control the flow of water in plumbing systems, and they are typically made from metal, such as brass or stainless steel, due to their durability and resistance to corrosion. Plastic taps, on the other hand, are constructed using various types of plastic water tap, such as PVC (polyvinyl chloride), ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), or polypropylene. These materials offer several advantages, including cost-effectiveness, lightweight construction, and resistance to rust and corrosion. Plastic taps are often used in applications where metal taps may not be suitable or necessary, such as in temporary installations, outdoor settings, or low-cost plumbing solutions.

Whilst plastic taps might be helpful and efficient in some circumstances, they might not be as strong or long-lasting as their metal replacements. Over time, the plastic parts may become more susceptible to deterioration, which could result in leaks or other problems. As a result, it's crucial to take into account the particular demands of your plumbing system as well as the anticipated usage when determining whether you'll use plastic taps or choose more durable steel taps.

Plastic Tap Manufacturers & Suppliers in India

Gokul is a prominent Plastic Tap Manufacturer in Ahmedabad, providing only the finest to our customers. Customers may choose from a variety of sizes and specifications, and we can even help them create one. Customers can customise a limited number of products. We at Gokul strive to be the industry's pioneer by always ensuring that our final goods are free of complaints when they are delivered to our clients. We are currently developing a system that is simple to use and ensures that each delivery is delivered on time to the consumer. At Gokul, we have on board skilled, experienced, educated, professional engineers and extremely hardworking workers. Our top engineers and technical designers compete with the rest of the work force to ensure that everything is carried out according to plan.

Types Of Plastic Water Tap


Zibra Bib Cock

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Plastic Pillar Cock

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Plastic Pillar Cock

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Pvc Jointer

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Ball Cock

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Pvc Heavy Bib Cock

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Pvc Filter Shower

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Pvc Sort Plug

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Bib Cock Manufacturers

We at Gokul are constantly engaged in the manufacture and delivery of a high-quality assortment of Bib cocks. Our clients may choose from a variety of sizes and specifications for the cock Fittings we offer. Our company has established itself as a reputable corporation that provides a noteworthy range of Pipes and Fittings to its customers. These items are rigorously tested against numerous quality factors by leading quality specialists to assure quality. With confidence, we at Gokul claim that our Industrial Valves and Fittings are designed to last the intended design life, not only pass factory testing. We also can say with absolute certainty that we know how the valves will perform in service.

Plastic water taps are so popular because of their unique features:

Sturdy and long lasting: Since these are not made up of steel, these can last long in water without experiencing issues like corrosion and rusting. If used in industries and farming, these plastic water taps can prove to be a boon. They generate good return on investment by providing incomparably long-lasting performance.
Ultraviolet rays cannot destroy them: Made up of plastic, these water taps are extremely safe in farms and industries because they do not get affected by ultraviolet radiations and chemical compounds. Their manufacturing is so rigid that they can stand the heat and all that jazz without failing to do their duty.

What are some of the common usages of Plastic Water Taps?

Industrial usages: Industries are always in need of plastic water taps to control the flow of water with great ease. These taps can be placed in food industries, leather industries and also in textile industries where flow of water is an important matrix.
Domestic usages: Plastic water taps are very popular among the common people. They can be used for daily chores related to water. Domestic households find this highly affordable and long lasting.
Farming needs: Farmers have been relying on these plastic water taps to irrigate their lands for a long time now. These water taps allow farmers to take the pipeline into the farm at an affordable price. Farming in India is an important culture and such culture is constantly being promoted with quality products like plastic water taps.

Plastic Water Tap Exporter

We are the leading manufacturer & exporter of plastic water tap, PVC Water Taps, Bibcock Zibra Bib Cock and Plastic Pillar Cock ,PVC Jointer ,PVC Heavy, Pan Bib Cock,PVC Sort Plug offered by Gokul Poly Valves Pvt. Ltd.We export Plastic Water tap in various countries such as Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and many others.

Plastic Water Tap Supplier in Gujarat

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